Our Location

If you are familiar with Sarasota then you know where Tuttle Avenue meets Siesta Drive. What you may not know is the name of the circle or “round-a-bout” that you’ve driven around hundreds of times. The official name is Southgate Circle, also known as Siesta Circle or Tuttle Circle.


We’re in the “southwest quarter” of the circle that backs up to Valencia Drive. We’re “smack dab in the middle” of the residential neighborhood of South Gate which is bordered by Bee Ridge Road to the south, Webber Street to the north, Beneva Road to the east and US-41 (Tamiami Trail) to the west.

Nearby Amenities

Southgate Office Space is within walking distance of Bee Ridge Road and OfficeMax (just North of the intersection of Bee Ridge & Tuttle). We’re an easy bicycle ride from the post office at US41 and Siesta Drive. There is a nearby Dunkin' Donuts for your morning coffee and a couple of McDonalds nearby for a quick lunch and probably a Pub or two in South Gate Village to grab a cold one at after work.