Virtual Office Automatic Payment Center

Southgate Office Space Virtual Offices can be paid automatically each month. The process below will allow you to pay the initial start up costs and then enroll in automatic monthly payments thru PayPal. Start up costs are as follows;

First and Last Month Rent $117.70
Directory Sign $15.00
Refundable Key Deposit $10.00
Total Start up Cost $142.70

The initial set-up process requires that you pay your first month rent separately from your last month rent, sign and key deposit. Your monthly rent of $58.85 will automatically be charged to your credit card each month on the first. The payment for your last month rent, sign and key deposit in the amount of $83.85 is a one time only charge.

Pay Your Initial Start Up Cost Below

(One time only charge of $83.85)
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Subscribe to Automatic Payment Service

(Paid automatically each month $58.85)
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Make Your Payments Online:

You can pay online using most major credit cards. Southgate Office Space uses PayPal as a secure payment platform. You do not need to have a PayPal account to use this feature simply enter your credit card information. Your transaction is secure. Only PayPal sees your credit card information.

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